IACC headerRoss, Stuart & Dawson, Inc. is an IACC Commercial Collection Agency. Based in the state of Michigan but with a global reach, RSD values its membership in the IACC. What does it mean for you?

According to the IACC:

"When internal efforts to collect commercial debt prove unsuccessful, the most important next step you can take is to contact a member of the International Association of  Commercial Collectors (IACC).  Partnering with an IACC member agency ensures you’ll work with collection specialists  who apply the most cutting-edge collection techniques while meeting stringent ethical and professional standards. 

As the world’s largest and most respected association of commercial collection professionals, IACC has been setting and enforcing high standards of conduct since 1970. IACC members have vast experience collecting past-due commercial accounts for manufacturers, processors, wholesalers, distributors and businesses in many other industries. 

What Distinguishes IACC Member Agencies from the Rest?  

  • Are bound by a code of ethics, ensuring that their business  practices are fair, upright and of highest professional standards. 
  • Undergo an exhaustive prescreening in order to determine  eligibility for membership. 
  • Are part of an extensive network of professionals who specialize  in collections, law, finance and many other supporting disciplines. 
  • Have exclusive access to a rigorous agency certification through  a collaboration with the Commercial Law League of America. 
  • Benefit from an established commercial collection agent  certification program. 
  • Are adept at collecting from debtors both within the United  States and throughout the world. 
  • Are committed to professional development  and education, which are provided through IACC conferences  and webinars. 
  • Collect in a manner that ensures your company’s reputation and business relationships remain strong. 
  • Maintain collected funds in separate trust accounts."