Customer accounts that fall under an early stage collection category are those that are not considered delinquent but rather require a periodic reminder and push to pay. These are the ones you might consider your “always slow but good accounts” or for some reason have become uncharacteristically late. When your credit and collection department does not have the time to manage and follow-up on these accounts, our Early Stage Outsourcing Services is the answer.  

Letters & Statements – Whether to only a few, a few hundred, or even several thousand, sending out a personalized note that kindly requests payment may be all that is required to prompt a past due customer to pay.  

Depending on each client’s products and services, a system of customized past due letters and statements will be carefully crafted to encourage customers to fulfill their payment obligations directly to your company on a timely basis. This highly cost effective administrative support service can easily reduce your own internal costs by 50-70%.   

Easy Call– Not every client has the manpower or resources to watch over a multitude of accounts that require a personalized collection touch. For many clients, our Easy Call service is a simple telephone call, either under your name or ours, to softly expedite payment.  

The purpose is not only to confirm when payment will be made, but to also uncover any issues that might prevent payment. Finding out if there is a problem early on against the product or service will support a speedy resolution.  

Through our Early Stage Outsourcing Services, not only will past due accounts be collected faster, customers will be gently reminded of your sales and payment terms along with other credit risk management ideas that contribute to enhancing your customer relationship.   


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