Commercial Collection Attorneys vs. RSD Commercial Debt Collection Services

Using a commercial collection agency like RSD to collect your commercial bad debts makes perfect sense, but why? Can RSD do a better job than a commercial collection attorney? 

You would think that either option would be justified equally but not so fast. A commercial collection agency like RSD provides a plethora of services that make up their overall collection process. Let's start with the most glaring difference in what a commercial collection attorney might do for you compared to what RSD can do for you. Though there are some commercial collection attorneys that offer the same type of collection and legal services similar to that of RSD, there are many more collection attorneys and collection law firms that do not. Most commercial collection attorneys do not even make pre-suit collection calls to the extent that RSD does. Some commercial collection attorneys do not make any calls to your commercial debtors but instead send demand letters to prompt the debtor to pay. If that doesn't work, they usually request suit fees and court costs to sue the debtor. There is no guarantee from a commercial collection attorney that you will recover the money owed to your company just because they file a suit. In many instances, you could lose the suit fees and court costs that you paid and still not collect the debt owed. The case may even go to trial and open up a new set of headaches for the creditor. 

The difference in how RSD professionally collects commercial debts and how the typical commercial collection attorney or law firm does is quite dissimilar. Attorneys rely on their legal prowess while RSD relies on hard work, proven techniques and strategies, along with utilizing skillful negotiations and above all, persistence to collect your commercial debts. Persistence is the key to thriving in the debt collection marketplace. It is what helps to achieve the high rate of recovery for commercial debts throughout the nation. Another very important key is having collection specialists who are well seasoned in commercial debt collection handling your accounts receivable. Commercial collection attorneys on the most part are not set up to do this. They are not going to spend a great deal of time on attempting to collect a commercial claim by phone when they know that they can file a lawsuit and get some upfront funds to make it all worthwhile and hopefully collect the debt or seize the assets of the debtor once a judgment has been rendered. If the attorneys had to pay the suit fees and court costs themselves instead of having the creditor pay for them, you would see far fewer lawsuits in this day and age. The attorneys wouldn't invest the money unless they had a homerun case, a sure thing, a clear winner. 

This is not to say that commercial collection attorneys don't play a vitally important role in the debt collection industry. They certainly do when it comes to utilizing the legal system to recover your commercial debt collection claims. Typically, this is the last resort that RSD would take when collecting a commercial claim anywhere in the country. This does not mean that RSD doesn't forward legal cases to handpicked network collection attorneys throughout the nation, they do, but it is a last resort and only used when the commercial debtor is in a vulnerable situation and the commercial debt can only be liquidated through the use of a lawsuit. 

Let's face it, both commercial collection attorneys and companies like RSD are important in the overall scheme of things, they just go about their business in different ways. RSD gets down in the trenches and fights to collect your commercial debts and keeps fighting until the debt is paid or another course of action is warranted, while the commercial collection attorneys typically prefer using the court to fight for your legal rights in the collection of your commercial claims. As previously stated herein, it takes persistence and well-seasoned negotiators to collect your commercial debts at a high liquidation rate. RSD provides these services for your company and typically does so at lower contingent rates than commercial collection attorneys do, not to mention, RSD collects nationwide which most collection attorneys do not. 

If you have commercial debts that need to be collected, call RSD and get the professional services that you need to successfully collect your debts. RSD stands ready to serve your commercial debt collection needs. 


Commercial collection attorneys vs. RSD? There is really only one clear choice!

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