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Ross, Stuart & Dawson, Inc., a B2B collection agency, provides B2B collections for Fortune 500 and small to medium sized businesses since the company was founded in 1975. Our B2B collection agency is certified by the International Association of Commercial Collectors and has been recognized throughout the collection industry as a leader in business to business (B2B) collections.

As a collection agency, we use a customized approach in the collection of your B2B debts unlike that of many other agencies. We believe that a unique collection campaign targeting optimum service and results is paramount in satisfying you as an RSD business collections client. The collection of your B2B debts will be handled by specialists seasoned in business to business collections, who know and understand precisely the strategies and tactics that are needed to achieve the success that you desire.

B2Specialists in B2B Collections (Business to Business Collections) (B2B)

In providing B2B collections, we understand that it is vitally important to the success of each collection campaign that we employ the type of collection specialists who understand the intricacies of collecting B2B debts. Our collection service staff is made up of highly experienced B2B collection professionals who have proven themselves to be experts in the collection of B2B debts.

There are many collection agencies who handle B2B collections but to utilize a B2B collections agency who has the drive, determination and experience as Ross, Stuart & Dawson does, is a game changer. Our collections agency provides industry leading results in the collection of B2B debts and takes pride in extending world class service to each and every one of our B2B clients.

Ross, Stuart & Dawson can collect your B2B debts professionally and effectively, and provide your B2B with unbeatable results without compromising your valued customer relationships. As a B2B collections agency, we stand ready to serve the needs of your company and to enhance your bottom line.

For immediate service, please call our B2B collections agency at 888.701.8181 today or utilize the quick contact form below to contact our staff and allow us to show you why Ross, Stuart & Dawson is the best collection agency to collect your bad debt B2B claims.

Please be our guest and explore our website. We are confident you will discover what makes Ross, Stuart & Dawson Inc., a world class leader in the collection industry.  

Our service area in the U.S. includes: - Alabama - Arkansas - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Florida - Georgia - Hawaii - Illinois - Indiana - Iowa - Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan - Mississippi - Missouri - Montana - Nebraska - Nevada - New Hampshire - New Jersey - New Mexico - New York - North Dakota - Ohio - Oklahoma - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - South Carolina - South Dakota - Texas - Vermont - Virginia - Washington - West Virginia - Wisconsin - Wyoming and Washington, DC


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